Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thrift Store Motorcycle Jacket Score!

We've got a final halloween party to go to on Saturday night, and I'm going to be a boat captain for this one. To that end, I needed a pair of khaki pants as I haven't owned any in years (though I do happen to have a blue blazer in the closet that must be 10 years old or more). I ran to the thrift store this evening (sorry, make that "recycled fashion" store) to see what I could find and while I didn't find a good pair of khakis, I found a sweet moto jacket!

It's a Wilsons Leather brand. Made in China, but decent thickness/quality leather. The shoulders and elbows/forearms are double layered, and the sides are gusseted. Fits nicely. I dig the racer-esque'll look good when riding the Cafe R65 when that's ready. I'll wear a Bohn Armor shirt under it with spine protector and shoulder/elbow pads, so it'll be a good around-town setup.

Anyways, for $40 I could have done a lot worse...

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